Check-in with mobile app

Setup in Singa Pro -app (from Karaoke hosts perspective)

  • Karaoke host should login to the Venue, so that the customers will the find the Venue.
  • You can log in to the venue by tapping the Venue - button at the top right of the Dashboard view. You will then see a list o fall Venues within a 25 km radius of which the karaoke host (logged in username) has access to.
  • If you do not see any venue, you should check that the Location Service is turned on in iPad settings. Otherwise, contact to customer service via chat (Settings -> Support) or send us email to
  • By checking out from the venue you will restrict the possibility to add songs requests to the queue, but the karaoke remains normally. 
  • If you have not "Auto Accepted" the song requests and customer sends a song request, a pop-up window appears at the bottom right on the screen. The window will show the desired song, the name of the requester and the profile picture (if set). Next to the request is a green accept button and a red decline button. By tapping them, the karaoke host can decide if they want to move the song to the end of the song queue

How to check-in with Singa-mobile app (from customers perspective)

  • Customer needs to installs the Singa mobile application from the application store. The application requires to log in with an user ID or create new ones if they do not already have one
  • Note: You do not need to purchase the Singa Premium service to send song requests. Using to the Freemium account is sufficient
  • The app's navigation menu includes the list of Venues. Customer can search for venue locations either by browsing through this list, searching for a location by name, or using map search. The venue shows a green dot if the karaoke host is logged into the venue
  • Customer chooses the song venue, checks in and searches songs in the app. The song information view has a 'Request a song' button to send a request to the karaoke host
  • At the bottom of the application appears a status bar for check-in which opens the list of songs the user requests and the statuses of them. It also allows you to log out of the venue.

Didn't find any answer? Send email to or chat with us through the Singa app or via help page!