General about Singa Business Pro

Singa Pro –package includes the Apple iPad (with covers), a charger and HDMI - adapter. 


  • Connect iPad to Wi-Fi. If the speed is under 5 MBPS, or you are using a public internet, we recommend to get a 4G-modem. You can test your internet speed from here.
  • When the iPad is connected to internet properly, you will see the Wi-Fi logo in upper left corner on the screen.   
  • Plug the HDMI-cable to iPad and to the screen. 
  • Plug the audio cable to iPad and to the mixer
  • Login to your Singa -application and the karaoke show can start! 
How to avoid errors and enjoy the karaoke
  • Check software updates regularly. Always update immediately. Recommendation to press automatic updates on from the device settings.
  • Optimize cache from Singa app regularly
  • Clear and remove Safari history regularly
  • Clear other applications data regularly (if used)

General about the iPad-device

  • If the iPad battery runs out, put the charging on, and turn on again after 10 minutes. Recommendation is to keep the iPad always plugged into the charger. 
  • If any sound does not come out, take off the audio cabel, plug it again, and setup the sound from the iPad. 
  • iPad sound or screen brightness does not necessary have to be in the highest level
  • If you do not use Bluetooth – keep it off to save the battery 
  • If you want to turn off the iPadin, push the power button 5 seconds and swipe to right “ turn off”.

Shut down Singa App

  • Double click home button and swipe the app up and off

Didn't find any answer to your question? Send us email or chat with us through the Singa app or via help page!