Control the queue and song requests

You can automate your karaoke night and receive song requests to Singa Pro automatically. The best possible queue controlling setup you can do with these instructions:



How to do:

  1. Settings -> General -> Queue
  2. Auto Play > on
  3. Auto Accept > on
  4. Require name  > on
  5. Display coming up singers > on
  6. Display time estimates > on


When the setup is done, singers can start sending song requests from their mobile app or from the separate kiosk tablet. Remember to clear the queue at the end of the night. 

If you want to restrict users not sending any song requests from external devices, add Auto Accept off. You can also add your Venue to private mode, so that requests from the app requires a code. You can also change the order of the queue by moving the songs -> press the song and drag up or down. 

Didn't find any answer? Don't worry, send us email to or chat with us through the Singa app or via help page!