Setup the device for Singa Pro

Setup the device for the best karaoke experience

How to setup the iPad 

Turn on the iPad. If you see Singa Pro application on the desktop, you can login to Singa Pro and setup your device with your sound systems and screens. If the iPad greets you (with Hello, Hola, Bounjour etc.). Continue with the following instructions:

Press home to open

  • Select language
  • Select your country or region
  • Select "Set Up Manually"
  • Select your Wi-Fi Network and enter the Wi-Fi password
  • Select "Done" from the right upper corner

iPad activates now the introduction and installs Singa automatically to the iPad

  • Data & Privacy - select "Continue"
  • Remote Management - select "Next"
  • Keep Your iPad Up to Date - select "Continue"
  • Location Services - select "Enable Location Services"
  • Select "Continue" until iPad welcomes you - select "Start"

Press Simple MDM- icon, select "Allow" and then select "Always Allow"



Please, check few more settings to ensure an optimum user experience:

  • Settings -> General -> Software Update -> Download and Install
  • General -> Multitasking & Dock -> Delete all options
  • Settings -> Bluetooth -> Off
  • Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Auto-Lock -> Select the time you want or "Never"

Now the installation is completed and you continue by adding sound system and screen to start your karaoke party with Singa!

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