Setup for Karaoke Box mode

Find out how to control the timing and codes when using karaoke box mode


Here's time codes for different setups:

00:01 What is Karaoke Box mode
00:37 How to activate the Karaoke Box mode on Singa iPad
2:39 Managing your karaoke boxes in Singa member page
3:10 How to start a karaoke session
3.32 How to extend or stop a karaoke session
3:43 How to create activation codes 
4:36 How to release the iPad from the karaoke box mode


Log in to Singa Business Pro App with your Singa Pro credentials. Navigate to the General Settings from the left upper corner (three stripes).

Here's our recommended settings when using a Singa Pro device in Karaoke rooms. 

  • Under General > turn Select popular variant > On  
  • Under Queue > turn Auto Play > On  
  • Turn Auto Accept > On  
  • Turn Require name > Off 

These settings are added first because the Box mode disables the usage of the device elsewhere.

  • Enable Box mode, then name your Karaoke box, for example Room 1, Blue Room, etc

To lock the Singa app to the foreground, you will also have to make use of Apple's Guided access mode. Here's how:

  • Open the iPad's Settings>Accessibility
  • Scroll down to Guided access, tap it and activate it
  • Set a passcode used when deactivating Guided access
  • Open Singa Pro and press the Home key three times, or the Side key on an iPad Pro
  • Press Start in the top right corner

When both Singa's Box mode and the iPad's own Guided access mode are activated, all other features of the iPad will be locked.

Next, log in to the Admin page using your Singa Pro credentials. You are able to see your Karaoke Box device under Devices management.

    Please check out this article for info about How to use the Karaoke Box.

    Couldn't find your answer? Don't worry, send us an email on or chat with us through the Singa Pro app, via the Help page or Admin page!