Singa Offline

Singa Business Pro can be used in Offline mode

The amount of songs you can use in Offline mode depends on the available storage on your main iPad:
  • 128GB - 15-20 000 songs
  • 256GB -  30-40 000 songs
  • 512GB - 60-80 000 songs
  • 1TB - over 100 000 songs

Here's a step-by-step tutorial video for setting up Offline mode. Written instructions follow below.

How to download the most popular songs from your region

  1. Open Singa Pro > Settings > Cache > Enable Prefetch > On
  2. Make sure that the state is Active
    1. If not, please switch the Prefetch OFF and ON again and reopen the Singa app after closing it
  3. Switch on Song offline indicator
    1. You are able to see a green dot with the songs that are available offline. Songs not yet downloaded will have a grey dot

Disk usage indicates how much content has been downloaded. After you have finished downloading and want to start using the offline mode, switch on airplane mode and disable Wi-Fi.

Please note, that the most popular songs are prioritized when downloading. When you play a certain karaoke track, it will be downloaded and available for you in the future as well. Search for and Play those songs that you feel you must have in the app. Singa Pro will start the prefetching process after you press Play.

If you only want to automatically download songs in a certain language, switch the device keyboard to the desired language and delete all other languages.