Singa in Offline

You can use Singa Pro in offline mode

Here's how you setup the Offline usage. Check the tutorial video how to do it!



Enable prefetch & Song offline indicator

When prefetch is enabled Singa Pro will prefetch songs to iPad's own memory. To prefetch songs for offline use -

  • Make sure you have a good internet connection. The better the connection the faster it will download. 
  • Check that "Enable prefetch" and "Song offline indicator" are switched on and the state is "Active".
  • If you only want to download songs in a certain language, switch the device keyboard to for example in English and delete all other languages.

Please note, that the most popular and newest songs are prioritized first to download.

Search and Play those songs that you must have in the app. Singa Pro will start the prefetching process after you press Play.



"Disk usage" indicates how much content has been downloaded. After you have finished the downloading and want to start using the offline mode, switch on airplane mode and disable Wi-Fi. If you have the internet connection on, it will play songs that are online. 

When a song is ready to use in offline mode, the green light on the album cover indicates that the song has been downloaded. 



Good to know:  You can find the Airplane mode and Wi-Fi buttons easiest by swiping down from the top right of the screen, or alternatively go to your device's settings (gear icon) Wi-Fi and Airplane mode.

Other recommendations

  • To be able to log into Singa Pro, the iPad needs to be connected to internet. Although, once logged in, logging out isn't necessary.
  • Have the iPad connected to the internet at least twice a month for system updates or access to new content. 
  • Note that Singa's content catalogue is constantly growing. For that reason we recommend an iPad with at least 512 GB of memory in order to have the larger amount content downloaded into iPad's own memory. 

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