General guide to Singa Pro

Before you start - please watch this nifty instruction video. It would take just a few minutes. 

Open Singa Pro application from your iPad’s home menu.

Once opened, from the menu on the top left corner select:

  • Dashboard --> Control karaoke and background music
  • Settings --> Manage settings
  • Music --> Choose background music
  • Help and support --> Customer support & instructions

1. Dashboard

  1. Search and select a song → click on the magnifying glass icon
  2. Write the name of the artist or song in the search field 
  3. Tap on the preferred song from the search results
  4. Tap "Enter name", write name of the singer and click "Done"
  5. If needed, you can also adjust pitch and tempo
  6. Tap "Add to queue"
  7. Added song will move to the queue displayed at the right side of the screen
  8. Tap "Next" to initiate the song 
  9. If you want to cancel the initiated song tap ”Cancel”. The song will be returned to front of the song queue
  10. Tap "Play" to start the song
  11. To delete a song from the queue, select a song and tap "Delete"
  12. To change the order of the songs in the queue, tap and hold a song for over a second and then drag the song up or down in the queue.
  13. Background music can be turned on or off by tapping PLAY or STOP 
  14. Song's pitch and tempo can be adjusted before and during the song (under the "Change" button)

2. Settings


  1. Promotional text --> Write promotional text to be displayed on the top section of the screen
  2. Auto Play --> Singa Pro automatically plays the next song in queue  
  3. Display upcoming singers --> Display the names of upcoming singers at the bottom of the screen
  4. Display time estimates --> Display estimated times until upcoming singers at the bottom of the screen 
  5. Music service --> You can choose between Singa Radio or Spotify 
  6. Autoplay music --> Automatically starts to play background music when karaoke song ends 

Cache memory

Most popular songs are always stored in your iPad’s memory and will be available even in the case of internet connection loss.

Sign out

If you signed out from Singa Pro application and forgot your login details, send a message to and we will get back to you right away!

3. Music

You can either use Singa's own background music service or Spotify Business (additional fee required).

Settings --> Music --> Service --> Singa Radio / Spotify

4. Help and support

  1. Open user guide-> Browse Singa Pro user guides
  2. Contact support -> Chat with our customer support team through the app

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Send mail to -> We will respond to you directly!