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Controlling the queue and song requests

Your Singa experience can be tailored to your specific needs using the powerful settings available in the Singa Pro app

Queue setting

From the Dashboard view, you will find Queue settings under Menu (three stripes, top left) > General > Queue. Here is a description if the different settings you have at your disposal.

Auto Play

When Auto Play is enabled, Singa will automatically play the next song in the queue. When disabled, you need to press the Play button when you want the next karaoke song to start.

Auto Accept

When Auto Accept is enabled, Singa will automatically add new requests sent from the Singa Mobile app or a Singa Discovery station to the queue. When disabled, you will receive a notification in the bottom right corner of the screen, from where you can either Accept or Decline the request.

Require Name

When Require Name is enabled this means that the singer have to write in their name to be able to add it to the queue. 

Display coming up singers - Display time estimates

You can choose whether or not to display the upcoming singers with or without time estimates.

Clear queue

Clearing the queue removes all the songs from the karaoke queue.


Controlling the queue

From the dashboard view, you can control the queue to deliver a smooth experience for your customers.

  • Start song – Plays the next song from the queue
  • Pause – Pauses playback, press Start song to resume 
  • Start over – Stops the karaoke playback and returns the song back to the queue. 
  • Next – Skips the current song in the queue and starts playing the next one.
  • Show ads – If there's a pause in the karaoke, you can tap Show ads to display the ads you have set up. Tap Continue karaoke to resume playback. Read more about the ad feature here.
Change order of the song – There are two ways of changing the order  
  • Hold the song you would like to move and drag it to your desired position in the queue.

  • Swipe the song from right to left and press either the arrow up or down, which will move the song to the first or last spot in the queue.


  • Delete a song - Swipe once from right to left and click on the trash bin. The song will then be deleted from the queue.

Hot tip! If your upcoming singer is not available, you can either move the song further down the queue or select song number 2 from the queue if you think number 1 will be back soon.

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