Setup for sound system and screens

Setting up the sound and screens needs to be plugged in right order

    When are finished setting up Singa Pro device, please follow the instructions for preparing the sound system and screen by following steps:  



    So, what do you need?

    1. Singa Pro- iPad and HDMI-adapter
    2. Mixer and microphone   
    3. Necessary cables (RCA, XLR etc.)
    4. Sound system and screen 

    How to plug them?

    1. Attach the charging cable to the HDMI adapter
    2. Plug in the HDMI cable to both: monitor and HDMI adapter
    3. Attach the audio cable from the mixer to the iPad
    4. Connect the microphone to the mixer

    Please note the correct order when connecting the cables. If no sound coming out, disconnect and reconnect the audio cable.

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