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Offline mode

How to use Singa Pro offline

The amount of songs you can use in offline mode depends on the available storage on your main iPad:
  • 64GB - 7500-10 000 songs
  • 128GB - 15-20 000 songs
  • 256GB -  30-40 000 songs
  • 512GB - 60-80 000 songs
  • 1TB - over 100 000 songs

How do you activate Offline mode?

  1. Open Singa Pro > Settings > Storage Enable Background Downloads > On
  2. Make sure that the Download status is Active
    1. If not, please switch the Background Downloads OFF and ON again and reopen the Singa app after closing it.


3. Switch on the Display offline availability icon
    1. You can see a green cloud icon with the songs that are available offline. Songs not yet downloaded will not have anything.

Background downloads are now split into two parts: background downloads added to your queue or background downloads of popular songs. The new offline mode improvement allows you to control what fills up the disk space on your iPad.

Background downloads: 

  • By switching Enable Background downloads ON the songs added to your queue will automatically be downloaded in the background. 
  • By switching Enable Background downloads OFF no songs will be downloaded in the background.

Background downloads of popular songs: 

  • By switching Download popular songs ON the most popular songs will be downloaded in the background.
  • By switching Download popular songs OFF no most popular songs will be downloaded in the background.

Disk usage indicates how much content has been downloaded. After you have finished downloading and want to start using offline mode, switch to airplane mode and disable Wi-Fi.

Please add all the languages you'd like content downloaded by going to your iPad's settings > General > Language & Region > Add language.

How to access offline mode?

  1. Turn on the airplane mode.
  2. Check that the Wi-Fi is disabled.

Good to know:  You can quickly find the Airplane mode and Wi-Fi buttons by swiping down from the top right of the screen or going to your device's settings (gear icon) > Wi-Fi and Airplane mode, respectively.

Other recommendations

  • To log into Singa Pro, the iPad needs to be connected to the internet. Although, once logged in, logging out isn't necessary.
  • Make sure to connect the iPad to the internet at least twice a month for system updates or to access new content. 
  • Note that Singa's song selection is constantly growing. Therefore, we recommend an iPad with at least 512 GB of memory to have a more extensive amount of songs downloaded into the iPad's internal storage. 

Couldn't find your answer? Don't worry; email us at support@singabusiness.com or chat with us through the Singa Pro app via the Help page or Admin page!