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How to request songs on Singa Pro

There are three ways to add songs to the queue with Singa Pro.

With Singa, you can make your party hosting easier by using these three ways to add song requests to the queue. 

  1. Manually from a Singa Pro device
    Search for a song by tapping the Find song search bar at the top of the main Karaoke view. Find and select the song by entering the name of the song or artist. Then add to the queue, and depending on your settings, it might ask for the singer’s name, the version of the song and desired settings for pitch and tempo. Then tap Done in the upper right corner.

  2. From the Singa mobile app 
    Your customers can connect to the venue using the Singa mobile app. Tap the Venues button in the bottom bar of the app and search from the list of venues, or tap Search and enter the venue code if your venue is set to Private.

    They can browse the Singa song selection and request their songs for them to appear in your Karaoke queue. From Singa Pro's Settings > General > Queue, you can use the Auto Accept feature if you want the songs to appear in the queue without a separate notification. If Auto Accept is turned off, you will receive the song requests as a notification in the song queue view, from where you can either Accept or Decline it.

  3. From a Singa Discovery Station used by your customers
    Any device can be used as a Singa Discovery Station. Please read more about the setup here. When set up, your customers can discover the Singa song selection and send their requests.

How to stop accepting song requests

Please switch the venue offline to stop accepting song requests from the mobile app and Discovery stations. You can do this by tapping the green dot in the upper right corner of the Singa Pro app on your main iPad and then tapping Check Out. Users connected via the mobile app will lose the connection to the venue, and the Discovery station will mention that the queue is not currently taking requests.

Couldn't find your answer? Don't worry; send us an email at support@singabusiness.com or chat with us through the Singa Pro app via the Help page or Admin page!