Setup for Kiosk mode

You can let your customers to use the main Singa Pro iPad by using the kiosk mode function


Here´s time codes for different setups:

00:04 What is Kiosk mode?
00:21 When should you use the Kiosk mode for karaoke
00:31 How to enter the Kiosk mode
1:25 How to release the iPad from the Kiosk mode


Kiosk mode is an option for letting your customers to use Singa Pro device independently. Kiosk mode can be enabled to use from the Singa pro settings.  

Navigate to Settings by pressing the three stripes in up left corner and then choose General ->  Kiosk -> Enable Kiosk mode. The device will be locked now from any other use.



You can release the device for normal use from locking by pressing the lock icon on top right corner. Use your Singa Pro password. 

Note, that you must have an internet connection on when using the kiosk mode. If your internet connection disappears, by pressing the home button it releases the device for any other usage.

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