No audio, or audio playing from the wrong source

The sound comes from tv or does not come at all

The most common reason is that the cables were plugged in in the wrong order. The reason for this is that the iPad outputs Audio to the source that was plugged in the latest. To rectify, disconnect and then reconnect the audio cable.

If you are still facing issues with the audio, please make sure to check these three steps:

  • Adjust the volume of the device using the buttons on the side
  • Check the mixer's/amplifier's main volume
  • Disconnect and reconnect the audio cable. If you still can't hear the audio, disconnect all cables and check if the iPad in itself is producing any audio. If it is, there's likely an issue with your iPad's audio jack. Cross reference using e.g. a pair of headphones and see if you can hear through them.

You can also check out our article regarding setup for sound system and screens


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