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Troubleshooting sound and audio issues

If you are having trouble with the sound on your iPad, this article provides solutions that can help you resolve the issue.

If you're having trouble with the sound on your iPad, it could be because the wires are connected incorrectly. In such a case, your iPad will look for the audio source from the last connected device, which can cause sound issues. To fix this problem, you need to disconnect and reconnect the wires in the correct order. 

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However, if you're still experiencing issues with the sound, here are three things to keep in mind: 

1. First, please ensure the sound is not muted on your iPad. You can adjust the volume of your iPad using the volume keys located on its side.

2. Secondly, please ensure the mixer/amplifier is turned on, and the right channel's volume is on.

3. Lastly, try disconnecting and reconnecting the audio cable to your iPad. If you still can't hear any sound, try disconnecting all cables from the iPad and see if there's any sound coming from its speakers without cables. If you can hear sounds, the problem may be with the iPad's audio port. Try checking this by connecting wired headphones to your iPad to see if there's any sound coming from them. 

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