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Setup for Singa Business Lite

Singa Business Lite is very easy to use with several devices and connect to the screens and audio system.

See how you can use Singa Business Lite, watch our tutorial video first! 


What you'll need 

  • A computer/laptop 
  • TV or other monitor and a connecting cable (HDMI cable and possible adapter)
  • Speaker(s) / Sound system
  • Microphone(s), mixer and connecting cables (XLR cable)
  • An internet connection, we recommend at least 20 Mbps 

1) Connect your computer to the external display:

  • Connect the computer to the TV/other external display via an HDMI cable. Depending on the ports on your computer, you might need an adapter to connect the HDMI cable to your computer. 
  • In the Lite app, click the "Connect external display" and select the right screen from the list at the top right corner. 

If the screen is not on the list, check your display settings and select the Extend desktop/display mode. Read more

2) Connect the computer with a RCA cable to the mixer.

  • The two-piece head (red + white) of the RCA cable is connected to the mixer and the one-piece head is inserted into the headphone jack of the computer. 

3) Connect the sound from the mixer to the audio system / speaker.

  • Often, this is done with an XLR cable, but depends on the audio equipment you use.

4) Connect the microphones to the mixer to their own channels using an XLR cable. 

  • Adjust the microphone volume through the mixer and make other sound adjustments, such as add reverb/echo.