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Singa Business Hardware requirements

Choosing the iPad

Singa Pro supports all iPads with iPadOS 14 or newer. We recommend an iPad (6th Gen or newer) or an iPad Pro (2nd Gen or newer).

Offline mode
Depending on the iPad’s storage capacity, you can access:

– 128GB 15-20 000 songs in offline mode
– 256GB 30-40 000 songs in offline mode
– 512GB 60-80 000 songs in offline mode
– 1TB over 100 000 songs in offline mode

Wired setup
Video connection with an HDMI cable and audio with an RCA cable

Depending on the iPad model, you need:

– Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter OR
– Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter (new models without the audio jack)

– With newer model without an audio jack, you need an HDMI audio extractor, or you can use the adapter’s USB port for the audio

Wireless setup
Wireless video & audio connections
– Apple TV with an HDMI Audio extractor

Screenshot 2022-06-09 at 12.21.45

Need help? Our customer success & support team is always happy to help you! Please contact support@singabusiness.com