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How to connect Singa Business Lite to an external monitor

By extending the screen, you can keep managing the queue on the computer while the lyrics view remains on the big screen

Please follow these steps to extend the screen when using Singa Lite on a Windows computer.
  1. Connect your computer to the external screen using HDMI and set the TV to the correct source channel
  2. On the Windows computer’s keyboard, press the Windows flag button and the P button at the same time, and then release.
  3. Select Extend from the list that appears
  4. Once Extend is selected, your computer’s background screen will appear on the external monitor
  5. Open the Google Chrome browser
  6. Go to lite.singa.com and sign in using your Singa credentials.
  7. Tap the Cast button in the lower left corner of the song player
  8. Select Monitor 2 or similar from the list that appears
You will now see only the song lyrics on the external monitor, and can add songs to the queue from the computer screen without disturbing the song playback.

If you are running a Mac, here's to select the Extended mode. The rest of the steps are the same.

Apple provides a detailed guide for connecting to an external display

More information and troubleshooting tips can be found here:


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