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Karaoke Box in Singa Business Pro - how to use it?

Your karaoke booths can easily be controlled via the Admin page

Before reading this article, please set up your Karaoke box by following the steps in this article.

  • Log in to the Admin page with your Singa Business Pro credentials.
  • Choose Karaoke Box > Devices management
    • If you have set up the Karaoke box mode, your room(s) are visible here. The device will show up on the Admin page like this:

pasted image 0 (1)

You have two options for controlling the karaoke sessions

  • Session management with pre-generated codes
  • Session management without codes

In both cases, the timer starts for the duration selected, and the session ends automatically when the time is up. You can have as many rooms/devices as you want. Please contact us if you would like to add additional rooms.


How to use session management with pre-generated codes?

This allows the customers to activate their session themselves.

  • From Devices management, tap the Codes tab and then Generate new code.
  • Enter the duration of the code (duration of booking). You can generate several codes here, e.g. for other rooms or for upcoming sessions.
  • The customer then enters the code in the Karaoke room which will start the karaoke session for the duration you selected for that specific code

How to manage karaoke sessions without using codes?

  • Go to Devices management where you are able to see your karaoke room(s) under Devices
  • Press the three dots under Actions and select Activate device 
  • Set the required duration for the booking and press OK
  • The karaoke session will start right away for the duration you selected

How to disable Karaoke Box mode?

  • You can disable Karaoke Box mode by tapping the room's name in the top right corner of the Pin code view, or the Singa logo, and entering your Singa Pro password.
  • Deleting the device from the Admin page by pressing Actions Delete Device.
  • See our full guide on How to deactivate Box Mode.

Disabling the Karaoke Box mode enables all of the iPad's features and you can once again access Settings.

Couldn't find your answer? Don't worry, send us an email on support@singabusiness.com or chat with us through the Singa Pro app, via the Help page or Admin page!