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Setup for Karaoke Box mode

Find out how to control the timing and codes when using karaoke box mode

Here's time codes for different setups:

00:00 - Intro
00:36 - How to set up the iPad
00:55 - Custome settings
01:24 - Add a name for your room
01:35 - Activate the device manually or pre-generated codes
02:00 - Activate the device manually
02:22 - pre-generated codes
02:56 - Locked automatically
03:04 - Time left of Karaoke session
03:19 - Apple's guided access
03:29 - Exit karaoke box mode

Log in to Singa Business Pro App with your Singa Pro credentials. Open Settings from the left upper corner (three stripes) -> Self-Service Karaoke -> Enable Karaoke Box -mode, then name your Karaoke box, for example, Room 1, Blue Room, etc.

When activating Box mode, the app automatically sets playback settings for the best experience (e.g. Autoplay on). To override this and keep your own custom settings, you can activate "Override default kiosk and box mode settings" before activating Box mode.

These are the settings activated automatically if you choose not to override

  • Select popular version > On  
  • Require Singers name > Off 
  • Auto Play > On  

Next, log in to the Admin page using your Singa Pro credentials. You are able to see your Karaoke Box device under Devices management.

    Please check out this article for info about How to use the Karaoke Box.

    Couldn't find your answer? Don't worry, send us an email at support@singabusiness.com or chat with us through the Singa Pro app, via the Help page or Admin page!