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iPad memory storage is full - How it affects Singa Pro and what to do

Do you have issues with Singa Pro? Songs are not playing or you get strange error messages? It could be that your memory is full. Keep on reading!

Issues in Singa Pro could happen for various reasons. It's, however, easy to check if this issue is related to your iPad's storage capacity. In this article, we will also show you how to optimize in-app cache and tell you ways to save memory and have a smoother singing experience.

How to check iPad's storage

To check your iPad's storage, Navigate to iPad's Settings > General > iPad Storage. You are advised to have at least 4-5GB of free space for the iPadOS and Singa Pro to run properly without any issues. The more free storage you have, the better.

Optimize Cache: Remove unwanted stored songs and optimize the app

Optimize cache

Go to Singa Pro app (the 3 lines in the upper left corner) > Settings > Storage > Optimize Cache. This will free some memory from Singa Pro and, for example, remove any songs you might have downloaded but not sung if you have enabled background downloads.

Enable or disable background downloads

Disable background downloads

This setting should be enabled only if you need to use Singa Pro Offline mode. When background downloads is enabled, Singa Pro will start to download the catalog in to your iPad. This can quite fast fill up your memory if you have a smaller capacity iPad. If this setting is enabled, but you don't use Offline mode, turn the setting off. Setting is off, when you see the text "Disabled".

If you have downloaded part of the catalog and don't need it, delete the Singa Pro app and the songs will be removed. After you have deleted the app, reinstall the app from the App Store. Now you can see the downloaded songs are gone and there should be more storage left.

Additional Tips for a Smoother Experience 

  • Delete Unnecessary Apps:

    • Free up space by removing apps you don't need.
  • Close Unnecessary Apps:

    • Shut down apps running in the background while using Singa Pro.
  • Regularly Restart iPad and Singa Pro App:

    • Periodically restarting both the iPad and Singa Pro app can resolve performance issues.
  • Keep Software Updated:

    • Ensure that the Singa Pro app and iPad's iOS are up to date to benefit from bug fixes and optimizations.

Did these tips not fix the issue? Don't worry! Email us at support@singabusiness.com or chat with us through the Singa Pro app via the Help page or Admin page!