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Welcome to Singa Business Pro

Here are the first steps to get you started!

We are excited for you to start your Singa-powered karaoke journey! You have received an onboarding email from our Customer Success Team, from where you can find your username and password. These credentials will be used across all Singa Pro admin services. 

Here's a short introduction to how easy it is to use Singa! It's part of an onboarding video series to help you get started.

There are still a few essential things that you should know to get the most out of it.

Admin page

  • You can access your Admin page from here: https://admin.singa.com
  • From the admin page, you can:
      • control and schedule your promotional ads
      • edit your venue's details and opening times
      • access our product info and marketing material folder

We've included for you a detailed introduction to the admin page here.

Song requests with the Singa Discovery Station & Singa mobile app

Your customers can browse the Singa catalogue, search and request songs to your karaoke queue from:
  • The Singa Karaoke mobile app
  • A Singa Discovery Station
A Singa Discovery Station can be set up on checkin.singa.com. You can use any device (laptop/tablet) for this purpose. Here are the instructions.
Couldn't find an answer? Don't worry; email us at support@singabusiness.com or chat with us through the Singa Pro app via the Help page or Admin page!